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With the current environment, it’s more important than ever to choose a strong and prepared partner.

Groundbreaking Technology & Increased Fiduciary Standards

ChangePath is the first-to-market, integrated investment management platform that systematically integrates annuities into client portfolios alongside institutional caliber portfolio management. The technology platform provides a world-class unified management household approach to traditional and non-traditional asset management with statistically backed client recommendations, unprecedented access to offerings with lower fees, and automation of non-revenue-driving activities. ChangePath does so by absorbing tasks like billing, reconciliation, proposal generation and identifying cross-selling opportunities, while giving advisors access to elite institutional managers.

Choose a Strong and Prepared Partner:

Become an investment advisor representative of ChangePath.

ChangePath offers investment advisor representatives comprehensive operational tools, training and marketing support alongside the sophisticated investment management platform to help advisors control the process and efficiently scale their firm.

ChangePath’s sub-advisory opportunities for your Registered Investment Advisory firm.

ChangePath’s turnkey asset management platform (TAMP) provides Registered Investment Advisors with efficiencies that enable firm growth. ChangePath provides a fully customizable solution that best fits the registered investment advisor’s business model.

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Powerful Advisory Technology Platform

Enjoy a cloud-based turnkey asset management platform (TAMP) which offers a complete investment management program allowing advisors to offload non-revenue-driving back-office functions. Rely on ChangePath to help your firm facilitate manager due diligence, investment research, portfolio construction/rebalancing, reconciliation, performance reporting, tax optimization and statement preparation. By relying on ChangePath, advisors can focus more heavily on activities to grow the firm and better service their clients.

Benefits of a Turnkey Asset Management Platform

ChangePath can be quickly integrated into your firm and absorb independent firm solutions into one platform. ChangePath helps advisors:

  • Generate custom client risk tolerances — customize proposals and investment policy statements.
  • Develop ad hoc reporting — quickly reconcile, track and create custom reporting.
  • Support a wider range of investments — open-architecture environment.
  • Access to brokerage network — trade execution system in one cohesive platform.
  • Institutional-caliber portfolio management — limited distribution.
  • Unified managed household (UMH) — manage investment sleeves across the household and address tax efficiencies.
  • Sleeve-level reporting — for representatives and investment sleeves.

Platforms Provide More for Your Clients

Why can this be a better move for your clients? Clients whose advisors use ChangePath benefit by:

  • Gaining increased transparency to their household’s finances.
  • Middle-America households can gain access to institutional caliber portfolio management.
  • Creating transparency — anytime access to view entire household’s investments.
  • Clients gain unprecedented access to offerings with lower fees.

Customer Relationship Management Platform Helps Meet Daily Needs

Enjoy a data-rich platform that delivers the information you need with finesse and simplicity. Advisors benefit from the ease of integration, remote access, multi-channel support for cross-lines of business, data management and the ability to follow up on prospecting and lead generation. The ChangePath customer relationship management platform provides advisors with:

  • A customizable dashboard — integrates advanced client servicing with open architecture portfolio management and reporting in a single interface.
  • A global view of the firm — greater efficiencies and scalability in managing tertiary views.
  • Microsoft Outlook integration — calendar items, shared emails and tasks are directly documented in your client’s file.
  • Cloud-based document storage available to both the advisor and client enabling secure commuinication.




Strong Investment Approach

There are several style-pure institutional asset managers in the ChangePath lineup whom investors and advisors have restricted access due to these sophisticated managers’ entry thresholds. Many times, their entry threshold of investible assets exceeds well beyond $500,000 and with minimal net worth above and beyond $2 to $3 million. These top-tier managers are highly desired and have limited distribution. Because of the sheer volume of assets they manage, they have an institutional fee schedule, which ChangePath has negotiated on behalf of your clients. The inclusion of each manager in ChangePath models is dictated by their performance, both quantitative and qualitative findings.

Money managers win or retain their offering in ChangePath based solely on independent, quarterly monitoring. Since the parties creating the wealth management strategies don’t have a footing in asset management, managers are solely selected and retained by performance within each style class. For advisors, the integration provides the easiest and most sophisticated way possible to eliminate conflict of interest.

Philosophy Driving Drawdown Risk Management

ChangePath utilizes Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to identify an investor’s ideal portfolio. MPT is a widely accepted framework for managing diversified investment portfolios. MPT has limitations, specifically in low-probability, significant-downside scenarios. Despite these constraints, ChangePath and its asset managers believe it’s the preeminent framework to build a compelling investment management service; an important metric to address as we focus on downside capture. Downside capture is a statistical measure of an investment manager’s overall performance in down markets. The down-market capture ratio is used to evaluate how well or poorly an investment manager performed relative to an index during periods when the index dropped. By focusing on the downside, our managers help investors play offense during market downturns because MPT philosophy focuses on overall portfolio protection strategies and better defense to minimize market downturns.

Transparency Matters

Gone are the days where performance and holdings are close-ended and undisclosed. At ChangePath, we’re passionate about being transparent. Although there’s no formal requirement to disclose holdings, we believe advisors and their clients should have access to their full portfolio holdings. With our integrated wealth management platform, clients can access a dashboard with daily investment summaries, and watch the ebbs and flows of the market.

Style-Pure Asset Management

According to William Sharpe, research has shown asset allocation is largely responsible for the variability of portfolio performance. Therefore, ChangePath selects a combination of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and third-party money managers whose pure-style asset management only responds to movements in the returns of that specific asset class. By utilizing the pure-style approach and focusing on the long-term, goal-driven investment vehicles, ChangePath provides a higher level of philosophy to an investor’s portfolio. This style-pure approach is designed to select low-cost, alpha-generating ETFs and managers for each asset class who will determine the proper portfolio allocation and then make allocations among those asset classes to mirror risk tolerances, monitor them and periodically rebalance portfolios.

Fee-Friendly Investments

ChangePath uses cost-effective, indexed-based ETFs and manager models to represent each asset class. Individually owned portfolios and world-class investment advice are at an advisor’s fingertips, and available to middle-America investors. Hidden bank fees are a thing of the past when the account is in an advisor’s custody. In contrast with actively managed mutual funds, ETFs are commonly known for having lower expense ratios. With ChangePath’s technology and sophisticated investment philosophy, we’re able to offer an investment approach often used by the ultra-affluent and adapt it to fit middle America in a fee-friendly manner that’s efficient for clients. This innovative process is unique to ChangePath and helps clients keep money in motion and reap the benefits of compounded interest over time.