Our Commitment
At ChangePath, we believe by leveraging your existing relationships with best-in-class marketing programs featured through our technology platforms, you can provide your clientele an exceptional level of service.

Progressive Training

At ChangePath, we believe in providing the education, tools, training and marketing support to help advisors create an exceptional client experience.

Events Held throughout the Year:

Yearly Symposium

At our annual conference, you’ll learn about upcoming industry trends, discover new opportunities, gain insight to the resources available and nurture relationships that can help you operate and expand your business.

Elite Advisor Summit

Connect with other elite advisors and inspiring speakers from across the country while enjoying your surroundings with good company and an information-packed agenda. Our top advisors gather to share their successes and downfalls with peers to learn from one another at this conference.

Online Training Opportunities

Live Training Sessions

We offer a number of webinar opportunities covering a vast array of topics. Our webinar library is available to help you help your clients—simple as that.

ChangePath Online Training Library

This virtual learning environment gives you unlimited access to training for all ChangePath business lines. Interactive, self-paced modules, videos and more are just a few of the tools available on demand at your convenience.

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Marketing Support

ChangePath’s dedication to advisory firm development includes best-of-marketing solutions while providing advisors the ability to earn credits based off of their production. By simply choosing ChangePath, you’ll earn credits toward marketing services to help you build a stronger brand presence.

Cross-Selling Opportunities

Identify cross-selling opportunities through our technology platforms. Illustrate fixed indexed annuities and investment solutions within one portfolio to your clients.

Digital Marketing Programs

ChangePath has developed a number of sophisticated digital marketing techniques to bring qualified prospects to your next workshop or seminar.

Video Production

Allow others to get to know you and your business by documenting your professional journey through an interview or narrative piece.

Custom Brochures

Create a branded guide to the topic of your choice to show you as the credible source in the field.

Lead Generation

ChangePath has developed three proven strategies for producers that include a more well-rounded approach to digital marketing. Convert more visitors with lead-generation techniques.

Advisor Websites

You need a website because your market demands it — ChangePath offers everything from custom website builds to your own creation through our proprietary platform.

Extended Service

Our extended services are here to help you achieve success by delivering knowledgeable support and enable you to provide your clientele the same exceptional level of service. Experienced teams are dedicated to provide you with comprehensive tools and resources that fit your needs including:

Agency Business Strategies

Team that Understands Your Business


Talent Acquisition

Client Service


Transitional Support