Clients and Investors

ChangePath offers a tailored approach to personal investment solutions and advisory services.

The ChangePath mission is simple: protect investor assets

ChangePath provides an integrated wealth management advisory platform to cultivate and streamline financial institutions, investments, wealth and document management, security selection, portfolio rebalancing and reporting to assist advisors with delivering elegant solutions to investors. ChangePath bridges the gap for advisors to offer holistic planning that incorporates an investor’s predicated risk tolerances with deeply researched investment philosophies to generate alpha.

We do this because we’re ChangePath—adhering to the following principles and beliefs. We’re a fiduciary first and believe:

In striving to create better alpha—performance above the market's benchmark.

It's imperative to access an investor's risk tolerances and objectives.

The market is efficient.

Asset allocations should align with predicated risk tolerances.

Modern Portfolio Theory is the preeminent framework to build investment-management services.

Diversifying to manage risk.

The ChangePath Investment Philosophy

Style-pure asset management procurement.

According to William Sharpe, research has shown asset allocation is largely responsible for the variability of portfolio performance. Therefore, ChangePath selects a combination of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and third-party money managers whose pure-style asset management only responds to movements in the returns of that specific asset class. By utilizing the pure-style approach and focusing on the long-term, goal-driven investment vehicles, ChangePath provides a higher level of philosophy to an investor’s portfolio. This style-pure approach is designed to select low-cost, alpha-generating ETFs and managers for each asset class who will determine the proper portfolio allocation and then make allocations among those asset classes to mirror risk tolerances, monitor them and periodically rebalance portfolios.

Philosophy driving drawdown risk management.

ChangePath utilizes Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to identify an investor’s ideal portfolio. MPT is a widely accepted framework for managing diversified investment portfolios. MPT has limitations, specifically in low-probability, significant-downside scenarios. Despite these constraints, ChangePath and its asset managers believe it’s the preeminent framework to build a compelling investment management service; an important metric to address as we focus on downside capture. Downside capture is a statistical measure of an investment manager’s overall performance in down markets. The down-market capture ratio is used to evaluate how well or poorly an investment manager performed relative to an index during periods when the index dropped. By focusing on the downside, our managers help investors play offense during market downturns because MPT philosophy focuses on overall portfolio protection strategies and better defense to minimize market downturns.

Determining an investor’s unique needs.

ChangePath utilizes a risk-tolerance questionnaire to better identify and protect investors. It is used to identify ideal asset allocations for the investor’s needs, predicated desires, gauge retirement savings and ability to afford living expenses. ChangePath’s risk metric combines subjective and objective risk tolerances to build a personalized plan around an investor’s unique needs.