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Our team strengthens firms in a manner that’s second to none.


ChangePath is the first-to-market, integrated investment management platform that systematically integrates annuities into client portfolios alongside investments. The technology platform provides a unified management household approach to traditional and non-traditional asset management with statistically backed client recommendations, unprecedented access to offerings with lower fees, and automation of non-revenue-driving activities.

ChangePath does so by absorbing tasks like billing, reconciliation, proposal generation and identifying cross-selling opportunities, while providing advisors access to institutional-caliber portfolio management.

With ChangePath, advisors experience:

  • DOL-process-friendly annuities and investment integration.
  • Statistically backed client recommendations.
  • Unprecedented access to institutional caliber portfolio management.
  • Offerings with lower fees.
  • Automation of non-revenue driving activities.

Every day, ChangePath's expansive network of investment advisors and investment advisor representatives leverage ChangePath's turnkey asset management platform to utilize cutting-edge tools and solutions that help promote fiduciary compliance, while enabling scalability.

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