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A Turnkey Asset Management for Investment Advisors and Investment Advisor Representatives.

The ChangePath Mission Is Simple: Protect Investor Assets

At ChangePath, we provide advisors with the tools to help investors build their financial future. We do so by providing advisors with a next-generation technology infrastructure, access to a turnkey asset management platform and customer relationship management platform. At ChangePath, investment offerings that were once only bestowed upon the ultra-affluent are now available to middle America. We’re also here to help advisors meet the ever-changing needs of clients.

ChangePath delivers a comprehensive suite of proprietary exchange traded funds (ETF)–based allocation models to advisors. ChangePath’s turnkey asset management platform and customer relationship management platform help advisors more effectively manage in an ever-changing marketplace, so they can gain a better understanding of investors' needs and objectives.

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Tell me more about ChangePath

Advisors rely on ChangePath to help investors evaluate their concerns, risks and goals. Advisors use ChangePath to build an investor’s retirement portfolio in three ways:

  1. Liquid assets: What you need for emergencies and short-term needs.
  2. Income: How much income you’ll need during retirement to produce a lifelong income stream.
  3. Growth opportunities: How you can grow the remainder of your investible assets to cover future needs.

ChangePath is a proprietary investment management platform that seamlessly aligns an investor’s objectives and risk tolerances with investment strategies. This solution brings the investment strategies of the ultra-affluent to middle America using a philosophy-driven approach. Working with a ChangePath advisor provides investors access to institutional-caliber portfolio management and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

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Tell me about transparency of holdings and fees

Transparency matters. You should have access to, and knowledge of, your portfolio’s holdings. You’ll enjoy an online portal with daily investment summaries and be able to track the fluctuations of the market.

Goodbye hidden fees. Hello fee-friendly investments.

We use cost-effective, index-based ETFs and institutional money managers. Together, we help you reap the benefits of compound interest by keeping your money in motion.

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Powerhouse team behind you

We leverage relationships with some of the brightest minds in the industry to provide advisory tools and compliance controls to help design an asset protection strategy that’s in an investor’s best interest. Our team consists of actuarial product developers, third-party asset managers, sub-advisors, principal owners of large Registered Investment Advisor firms, insurance professionals and strategists who, together with our experienced team, provide unmatched service and portfolios to help an advisor meet an investor’s objectives.

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Become an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) of ChangePath

ChangePath offers advisors comprehensive operational tools, training and marketing support alongside the sophisticated investment management platform to help advisors minimize non-revenue driving processes and efficiently scale their firm.

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Explore ChangePath’s sub-advisory opportunities for your Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.

ChangePath works with a growing network RIAs, with whom they sub-advise, who leverage this groundbreaking technology.

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